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Our Lady of Guadalupe. Is she herself portrayed in the womb of her mother?

Dr. Edith Breburda

Mary, conceived without Original Sin in the womb of her mother, St. Anne, by preventive grace arising from the redemptive act of her Son, Christ Jesus, was spared the corruption of the grave.  Consequently, she enjoys the Beatific Vision as a complete, corporeal, human being, as we hope to at the time of the general resurrection. 

We all know the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is very special to the Mexican people. Her image has played an important role in the country. 

She appeared to Blessed Juan Diego, an Aztec Indian, as the pregnant Mother of God, on December 9, 10, and 12, 1531. 

She left a Miraculous Image of her appearance on the "tilma", a cactus fiber cloak. Still today everyone can see it in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. 

"Our Lady" converted ten million natives in the next 10 years. 
She came to offer faith, hope, and consolation to the oppressed natives of Mexico and to reconcile them with their Spanish rulers. She put an end to the bloody human sacrifice of the Aztecs. 

Contrary the protestant reformation spread during the 16th century throughout Northern Europe, the political, religious, intellectual and cultural upheaval had its origins in Germany by Martin Luther. 

He and other reformers used the printing press to spread their ideas.  
Luther himself published 17 pamphlets and was finally excommunicated in 1521. 
With him, millions of Catholics left the Church. Europe’s Protestantism and new political freedom were accompanied with decades of rebellions, wars, and bloody persecutions. The Thirty Years’ War alone may have cost Germany 40 percent of its population.

Until today the image of our Lady of Guadalupe, cannot be explained by science. 

The imprint on a coarse fabric made from the threads of the maguey cactus should disintegrate within 20-60 years. Whereas, there are no signs of deterioration after 450 years. There is no protective over-varnish on the image and no under-sketch.  

Kodak Mexico explained the image looks like a modern-day photograph, even so, it was produced 300 years before pictures have been invented. 

It is smooth, increase in size and change of colors is due to an unknown property of the surface and substance of which it is made. 

Examined by microscopes it does not have any brush strokes. Whether by brush or camera - every reproduction defied an exact reproduction. 

The eyes of the Virgin reflect several people looking at her. It is believed to be Bishop Juan de Zummaraga, Juan Gonzales, Juan Diego, the interpreter and others who saw the image first. The stars on Our Lady's Mantle coincide with the constellation in the sky on December 12, 1531. 

All who have scientifically examined the image of Our Lady over the centuries confess that its properties are absolutely unique and so inexplicable in human terms that the image can only be supernatural. 
The Image of Our Lady is actually an Aztec Pictograph which was read and understood quickly by the Aztec Indians.

  1. THE LADY STOOD IN FRONT OF THE SUN - She was greater than their dreaded sun-god "Huitzilopochtli".
  2. HER FOOT RESTED ON THE CRESCENT MOON - She had clearly vanquished their foremost deity, the feathered serpent "Quetzalcoatl".
  3. THE STARS STREWN ACROSS THE MANTLE - She was greater than the stars of heaven which they worshiped. She was a virgin and the Queen of the heavens for Virgo rests over her womb and the northern crown upon her head. She appeared on December 12, 1531, for the stars that she wore are the constellation of stars that appeared in the sky that day!
  4. THE BLUEâGREEN HUE OF HER MANTLE - She was a Queen for she wears the color of royalty.
  5. THE BLACK CROSS ON THE BROOCH AT HER NECK - Her God was that of the Spanish Missionaries, Jesus Christ her son.
  6. THE BLACK BELT - She was with child for she wore the Aztec Maternity Belt.
  7. THE FOUR-PETAL FLOWER OVER THE WOMB - She was the "Mother of God." The flower was a special symbol of life, movement, and deity - the center of the universe.
  8. HER HANDS ARE JOINED IN PRAYER - She was not God but clearly, there was one greater than Her and she pointed her finger to the cross on her brooch.
  9. THE DESIGN ON HER ROSE-COLORED GARMENT - She is the "Queen of the Earth," for she is wearing a map of Mexico telling the Indians exactly where the apparition took place.
So much from an article from Dan Lynch: The Amazing Truth of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

There is still one thought- one interpretation, not mentioned yet but obvious to everybody who has some knowledge of embryology. 
The Aztec interpretation is that the Lady stood in front of the sun
But in modern days, it can also be seen as "Our Lady" herself being in the womb, of St. Anne? surrounded by her placenta and Endo-Myometrium?

In this context, allow me a side note:
An  Embryo invades the endometrium of his mother on day 7,5-9,5 after conception.
( Embryos for human embryonic Stem cell research are destroyed on day 5 – in the Blastocyst stage and with the use of Contraceptives- they can’t implant at all an day 7,5-9,5- because the endometrium is not prepared, due to hormonal application).

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