Donnerstag, 15. August 2013

The Worlds First Confession Dog

Edith Breburda  DVM, PhD

Dogs are man's best friend - Right?- 
They astonish us with their skills. Think about rescue-, seizure-, guiding dogs. Just to name some.

Working dogs can use their noses to sniff out bombs, drugs, cancer or a low blood sugar. But can they sniff out sins?? Sin smells badly - you speak about the stench of sins. Have you ever heard about a dog whose job is to bring people to confession? A so called <<Confession Dog>>??         

   Be among the first one to witness a little cute dog, 
that trained herself to be 
the worlds first 

Watch Lady, on Duty:

On Sunday August 4, Fr. Rick Heilman, pastor of St. Mary Parish in Pine
dedicated a 24-hour confessional and related smartphone app,

asking for intercessory prayers from St. John Vianney.

Fr. Rick is also author of books such as Church Militant Field Manual:
Special Forces Training for the Life in Christ

and Founder of Divine Mercy, a Catholic men's apostolate

Video © Edith Breburda
Books from Dr. Breburda

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