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Mural "Last Supper" Painting in San Xavier Mission / Tucson/ AZ/ USA

A "hidden image" at the "Last Supper"/ San Xavier Mission 
Edith Breburda

As part of New Spain, San Xavier Mission 

was founded in 1692. 

It became part of Mexico 1821 and joined the United States in 1872.

It is located 8 miles south of Tucson on the Tohono O'odham San Xavier Indian Reservation. 

Around the mission are Tohono O'odham Indian food stands-

with Indian Frybread

Also a painting of the "Last Supper" is located in the Mission.

It looks similar to Joan de Juanes
"Last Supper with the Host",
 "La Ultima Cena".  
Dated back in 1562. It is located in a Museum in Madrid.

The "Last Supper" image at the Mission- 

-when captured again-

0n Devine Mercy Sunday.
 The Canonization Day of Pope John Paul II, 2014.

There is no explanation how that "white ...." came into the picture? It was not manipulated.  

The "Last Supper" painting from the mission includes the devil 

But what is that 

hidden image suddenly exposed in the picture?

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