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Refugee women and undergraduate Students at US-Universities experience sexual assault

Edith Breburda, DVM, Ph.D.
In German refugee camps male assailants abuse young women and girls. Women not accompanied by men are an easy prey.

Muslim refugees at the asylum facilities in Detmold raped a 13-year-old Muslim girl, reported the blog Christliches Form: Neues deutsches Tabu: Vergewaltigungen in Flüchtlingsheimen – bloß nicht hinsehen? 

Among the many refugees, the child and his mother were coming to Germany this summer. They left their homes, in the hope to life in a culture, free of sexual violence against their daughters.

However, in Germany as well, they are getting raped and forced into prostitution. For several months, the police remained silent on these and other rape incidents at refugee camps. The police did not stress the serious nature of the attacks, because they hesitate to support the person who criticizes mass immigration.

Now they realize even an increasing rape of German women by asylum seekers.

After a 16-year-old girl was raped in the Bavarian town Mering, police recommended that people should take precautions and accompany their children when they leave home.

The Wilhelm-Diss High School in Pocking/Bavaria, gave parents the safety advice to pay close attention how their daughters are dressed. They have concerns and worry about an overly permissive outfit, which could be easily misunderstood by the immigrants.

Politician’s are troubled and understand the concerns.
A local politician from Bavaria draws attention to the situation. He told the newspaper Die Welt : <<Underage Muslim boys are completely overwhelmed when they see girls in bikinis at the swimming pool. In the culture of the boys, a woman’s bare skin is never unveiled. Curiously, immigrant boys chase girls who are utterly afraid of such behavior. However, the boys did not intend to embarrass the girls>>. 

The public was still taken by surprise, when they heard that Munich refugee camp Security guards are engaged in dealing with drugs, weapons and tolerated prostitution. Whereas, where they have been assigned to ensure the safety of the asylum seekers. Nevertheless, no one has the courage to intervene.

Even though, citizens are asked in their own country, to pay close attention to a modest dressing of their own children in order not to incite refugees.
Almost 80% of the refugees are young men aged 16-25 years.
Muslim refugees have a different perception of women. They don’t respect women and falter to help when they are abused. Meanwhile, social organizations report an increasing crime rate. The Bavarian Rundfunk knows that the price of a woman is currently 10 Euro.

For decades, Women's Rights activists have been very alert of oversexed men.
But, in the current situation that relates to community safety, they are silent and just turn a blind eye to it. They fear to be considered as racists or called Islamophobic.
The whole world admires the German welcoming culture. Are they afraid to lose this image when exposing the true circumstances in the media?

The only information about assaults has been reported in the Hessen Newspaper, Giessener Anzeiger. They disclosed a letter from the German Landfrauen to the provincial government in which it was asked to help refugee women. They wrote:
<<Aren’t we, the German citizen the one who should especially come to the defense of women, who sought refuge in our country? >> They came, in order to seek protection from sexual discrimination. There is no outrage and no sense of urgency about the assault happening in refuge camps. It seems strange because there is an immediate outcry in modern society when the slightest sexual harassment is noticed (1) .

What are we from the rich countries thinking? Can we say the Islam has another culture and it is nothing more happening as a kind of trivial offense? We have to tolerate such insult? But what happens in our Western culture? How do we in the USA handle rape?

A survey in the Wisconsin State Journal  revealed that one in four women at UW-Madison experience sexual assault. Thousands of undergraduate women students have been asked. 25 percent of them felt in one or the other form sexual harassed. That is a slightly higher rate than female college student’s nationwide report. For Chancellor Rebeca Blank this result is not new. <<What many at UW-Madison already knew-that sexual assault is a serious problem at the University and, while progress has been made in education students, more work needs to be done. Every student has the right to be safe. Far too many sexual assaults are still happening at UW and at campuses across the country>>, Blank said.

The Association of American University conducted the survey at 27 universities nationwide. There were 150.000 students who participated. It was revealed that undergraduate women are the most vulnerable students to become victims of sexual assault. 23.1 percent of them said they underwent some form of non-consensual sexual contact. Whereas 11 percent had been raped.
At UW-Madison, 27.6 percent belonged to the first group and 12.6 have been a victim of rape.
Often, the victims know the perpetrators. According to the survey, the vast majority was afraid to report the assault. Especially, when the offenders forced the women. They only made a report when they were asleep or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The federal government investigates the UW-Madison, for alleged mishandling of sexual assault.

Chancellor Rebeca Blank acknowledged: <<I would very much like to believe that we are doing a better job now… as people have come to understand more about sexual assault and how it occurs and how we reach out to students>>.

The confidence, female students have in the UW’s ability to handle the proceedings varies. For Valencia Raphael, lots of things have changed since she first came to the campus. She clearly noticed progress how officials and others at the university handle sexual assault. <<But in order to reduce the number of assaults, people must no longer see sexual assault as a problem that only affects those who are more likely to be victims of it, such as women or lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender students. This is everybody’s issue. If someone is victimized, that someone is a family member, a friend, a classmate>>, Raphael says. For her the key to getting more people to understand and change their behavior lays in understanding how intrusive sexual assault is to anybody.

Sarah Van Orman, executive director of the University Health Service desire is, that students learn how to intervene as bystanders to prevent assaults (2) . The task to protect women from sexual predators has to concern all of us.

(1) Translated from the article of: Helmes P.; Neues deutsches Tabu: Vergewaltigungen in Flüchtlingsheimen – bloß nicht hinsehen?! Christliches Forum 21. September 2015
(2) Savidge N.: Survey: one in for women at UW-Madison experience sexual assault. Wisconsin State Journal, 22. Sept. 2015

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